Mary A. Bennyhoff

June 24, 2014

I was referred to Dawn by a reputable person who had used her capable services to organize her business office, following my divorce of 20 years. I was informed that she was not only bonded and insured but that she was a top notch professional, who has the highest integrity in her relationship with her clients.

Based on the recommendation I received, I called Dawn and made arrangements to meet with her. I was embarrassed by the amount of clutter I had gathered over the 20 years plus so was apprehensive and embarrassed on the state of my personal belongings.

When we met, we discussed what I wanted to begin organizing and we got to know each other and how we would be able to work together on clearing out the things that were literally suffocating me and causing immeasurable stress in my life at that time. Also, I would add that I was unable to even begin the decluttering on my own, it was absolutely overwhelming me and causing me to be stuck in my life. On a health level, it was adding additional stress to my life that was already way over the top for me at work and in creating my new life as a single person. I had hung on to paperwork that was neither necessary or needed, that only reminded me of a past that was long gone.

If I recall correctly, we began working on my closet full of clothes and those in my dressers. We tackled that area and I began to get relief and actual breathing room. The process was as painless as it could have been under the circumstances. She obtained containers and labeled everything so I could see where things go and keep ahead of the clutter that I would create by the way I put things away. I learned from her so much in eliminating extraneous things, putting things away in the area they belong.. I had to take many mini brakes as it was overwhelming and overstimulating.. After the clothing we tackled paperwork in my office. That was incredibly challenging for me, I learned from Dawn what was important and necessary to keep and what needed to be tossed out. This was another area of my life where I was overwhelmed. She set up files and labels and I slowly learned how to keep things organized. We also worked on pictures, and keep sakes. She was able to organize all of that and showed me how and the reason for doing everything she recommended. She streamlined the effectiveness in the manner she showed me where as time went on I was managing my clutter to a minimum. I also learned from her how to eliminate paper, which I collected concerning anything I thought was important, and slowly learned to let it go. I was reminded that most of what I needed is available online and can be retrieved in minutes, reducing the stress I created for myself in the ‘old’ way I use to do things.

In all our interaction, she always was respectful, professional, and encouraging. When I would become self-conscious of the clutter I had collected, she was always supportive in my efforts to learn the newer way of taking care of things in my life. Over time I gained self-confidence, pride and great joy that I could create a life with less stress, and grew as a human being in learning from her as we worked together.

I knew at that time, that it was the most important process of my life and found Dawn to be everything I could have hoped for in a gifted professional organizer.

I would like also to mention that I was at the lowest ebb of my life and was sinking, she literally ‘saved’ me from my own cluttered life. Dawn observed the stress in my personal and professional life and was supportive in each phase of it. If there was any shame I experienced she quickly dispersed it, by the proactive work we were doing in cleaning out the clutter and organizing my life. We were able to work together in a way it was no longer an ordeal but an exciting adventure, my new organized life. I am forever greatful for her time, talents, and gifts. And would call her in an instant for additional help. I recommend Dawn with the highest confidence and guarantee that anyone would be ultimately satisfied in obtaining her for her services and that she can work with anyone, with professionalism and respect. Giving yourself the gift of her services is the highest form of love anyone can give themselves.