Mark J

June 24, 2014

The Salvation Army truck was pre-arranged by Dawn to come this past Thursday after our marathon session on Tuesday. Dawn began the day with a very low-key projection of the workload:  “Oh, this one will be easy!”  And she followed through 110 percent and voila, it was done by 430pm. For those unfamiliar with the process, it is straightforward and begins with a basic question: “Keep or donate?” Then, you methodically are led through your junk (or treasures?– sorry!) and your answer to that question determines the fate of every single thing in the garage. So, your hard work is completed in 2 hours or so (which flew by for me!) and then you are dismissed (I went inside, got an N.A. beer and retreated to my backyard) while Dawn begins the hard work of creating order. Once her magic is performed, you are summoned to see for yourself what your garage make-over looks like, and it was nothing short of spectacular!

So, as you begin your week, take a look around…. Do I need this? Does my stuff literally suffocate me, or does it serve a useful purpose? This is actually not as easy as it looks, especially if you cling onto things like I do… a sentimental man, but one who wants to live a life now, and not buried in a past that is ultimately left behind as we continue on this life journey realizing that God has a great plan for us (and it’s not in a garage where you couldn’t find anything before–except maybe some old pics of your once “dream girl” Cindy Crawford (DONATE!)  BTW… the Cheap Trick records and memorabilia are safe, though (KEEP-hehe!).