Joan Bass

June 24, 2014

I have always tried to ‘get organized’ on my own. I have spent so much money on so many bins, files, desk organizers, etc… I seemed to get the same results every time. I would try to organize everything, but within a short amount of time I was unorganized once again. A friend gave me Dawn’s name and I hesitantly called her. When she came for her consultation with me I was horrified that I was not allowed to clean up ANYTHING. Dawn wanted the real picture. It was very humbling for me. I liked Dawn’s ideas and approach, but it just seemed like way too much money to spend for someone else to come organize me. I should be able to do this myself, right? I realized I needed help and I needed to spend the money to get it. I hired Dawn and the days before she came, the guilt of spending the money overwhelmed me. I almost cancelled on her. Thank goodness I didn’t.

We spent two full days purging, organizing, etc… The results have been amazing not only for me but for the entire family. We have 4 children and our oldest was getting ready to graduate from High School. It was a very busy time around here and lots to do. The two days I took out of my busy schedule to work with Dawn to get organized have made the last two months so enjoyable. For the first time in I don’t know how long I feel relaxed, in control, and ORGANIZED. I now have a place for every piece of paper and if there is not a place I have learned how to create one.

Being organized is not just about having a clean desk, it’s about having a clear and peaceful head. I now walk into my office and feel good, not overwhelmed. The money I spent to have Dawn has come back tenfold because I don’t waste time any more looking for things, redoing things and being frustrated with myself. It has been two months since we did this process and it is just as organized as the day we finished. I have taken the techniques she taught me and used them in other rooms in the house.

I am so thankful for Dawn and what she has done for me and my family.