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Creative Solutions for your home, office and life.

Everyone has clutter in their lives,
but who has time to get organized?

We Do.  

Finely Organized is a full-service company that provides complete consulting services for organizing all aspects of homes, offices, electronic files and businesses. Our consultants are experienced professionals dedicated to finding creative and realistic solutions for long-term lifestyle changes. We assess our clients' needs and work with them to create an organized and functional lifestyle/environment they will be able to easily maintain for themselves.

Finely Organized provides strategies for your space, clutter or inefficiency challenges in your home or office through:

  •  planning
  •  designing
  •  sorting
  •  purging
  •  ordering
  •  shopping
  •  delivering
  •  hauling away
  •  coordinating moves
  •  building
  •  installing
We do what it takes to get you Finely Organized!

Gain Space
Uncluttered space looks bigger, fresher and more inviting. Proper storage components give you more space for living. If you can’t walk into your walk-in closet, or park your car in your garage – Contact Us!

Earn Money
We'll help you let go of those unneeded items! We'll take them to a charitable organization and get you a tax deductible receipt for your donation. We can also help you decide which items you could sell and take them to a consignment shop for you.

Save Time
How much time would you save getting ready if your closet, bathroom, and children's closets were neat and orderly and everything was clearly labeled and easily accessible? What if you never had to search for important files or documents? Car keys? Remote controls? Need we say more?

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Bonded and Insured.
Dawn Cannon at Finely Organized follows the NAPO Code of Ethics.