Everyone has clutter in their lives, but who has time to get organized?
I do.

Finely Organizedsm is a full-service company that provides complete consulting services for organizing all aspects of homes, offices, electronic files and businesses. I am an experienced professional dedicated to finding creative and realistic solutions for long-term lifestyle changes. I assess my clients’ needs and work with them to create an organized and functional lifestyle/environment they will be able to easily maintain for themselves.

Finely Organizedsm provides strategies for your space, clutter or inefficiency challenges in your home or office through:

  • planning
  • designing
  • de-cluttering
  • sorting
  • purging
  • ordering
  • shopping
  • delivering
  • hauling away
  • coordinating moves
  • building
  • installing

I do what it takes to get you Finely Organizedsm!

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